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Plastic Wire Coils

Various Types of Filaments Used


Nylon filament is a flexible filament that can be bent and squished in any direction. It is great for fun toys or rubber tires for things like R/C cars or skateboards. Although, it does have to print slower than most filaments which means it will take much longer for your designs to be sent.


ABS is a stronger more heat resistant counter-part to PLA. This material is printed at a hotter tempurature and has a higher rate of failure compared to other filaments.


PLA is one of the most common filaments on the market. It is great for a fast solid print, and can be bought for cheaper prices. The one downside to PLA is that it tends to warp if it is in 85 - 90°F


Polycarbonate is a lightweight, ultra strong, ultra durable filament. It is usually clear and prints at a fairly hot temperature. But, every good filament has a downside. It can be a little more expensive than other filaments, and also requires extra experience to print correctly.


ASA is a higher UV resistance version of ABS with the same upsides and downsides as it.


PETG is a great filament for parts that will be put under high pressure because of its ability to bend and not snap. The only downside is that it can be messier when supports get involved because of the flexibility of it.

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